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International Journal of Chemistry and Applications-Novus  (IJCAN)

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Call for Papers Volume 01, Issue 2, January 2023, Peer Reviewed Journal; Fast Publication, included in many leading abstracting and indexing open-access databases.International Jounral of Chemistry and Applications-NOVUS is welcoming original Research Articles, Book Reviews,Reviewd Articles,Please you can reach us if you have any queries send emai to :


The International Journal of Chemistry and Applications-Novus is a peer reviewed international journal of high quality devoted to the publication of original research papers from Chemistry and their broad range of applications. It covers (but not limited to) all application problems of modern chemistry, including the structure of inorganic and organic compounds, kinetics and mechanisms of chemical reactions, problems of chemical processes and apparatus, borderline problems of chemistry, and applied research. It covers latest advancements in all areas of chemistry including physical, organic and inorganic chemistry.

Call for Papers 

International Journal of  Chemistry and Applications-Novus invites manuscripts for the next issue i.e. Volume 1 Issue 02, 2023. Author can also send their article along with covering letter to 

Online submission of the manuscript is strongly recommended, author may also submit their Manuscript through this publisher’s portal. 


International Journal of  Chemistry and Applications-Novus is strictly against Plagiarism. Verification of  the originality of content submitted before publication is very essential.

Important Dates

Call For Papers: Volume 01, Issue 02, 2023

Last Date For Paper Submission: 1-14-2023

Volume Publication Date: 7-2-2023

Submission Email: